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Are you wondering about Barbaroslar season 1, episode 16? Don’t worry then, you are at the right place.

Ertugrul star aka Engin Altan who has got a huge FAM all over the world will be in action in today’s episode.

Ertugrul aka Engin Altan has a good audience from the ertugrul drama series, especially from ertugrul.

Who was Barbaroslar?

Hayreddin Barbaroslar: Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha), otherwise called Hızır Hayrettin Pasha, and just Hızır Reis (c. 1466/1478 – 4 July 1546), was an Ottoman corsair and later chief naval officer of the Ottoman Navy.

In Barbarossa’s time, the Ottomans got strength over the Mediterranean during the mid-sixteenth century.

Barbarosalar as Naval Chief

In 1533, Barbarossa is named Pasha (Grand chief of naval operations) of the Ottoman Navy by Suleiman

He drove a consulate to France around the same time, Destroyed Tunis in 1534, accomplished a definitive triumph over the Holy League at Preveza in 1538, and led joint missions with the French during the 1540s.

Barbarossa resigned to Constantinople in 1545 and kicked the bucket the next year.

Barbaroslar Episode 12in India


The genuine reason for the series is to draw out the genuine battle and verifiable realities of this saint of the Muslim world.

The series will zero in on the existence of the siblings and the sea realm during the Ottoman Empire.

Presently, we will give you significant data about Khairuddin Barbarossa and Oruç Rei.

Oruç Reis fulfilled the best mission of his life by saving countless Muslims kept for a seriously long time in Spanish churches.

Barbaroslar Episode 12 in UAE

Then, everyone in the streets of Europe became more acquainted with this unimaginable general.

Additionally, records of his coarseness began all over? Muslims came to know him as Baba Oruç.

Baba Oruj’s name was thusly changed to Barbarossa, Which infers red rough looking.

After the enduring of Oruj Reis, he was displaced by his kin Khairuddin Barbarossa to raise the Muslim pennant.

Additionally, again, with comparable energy and fervor, the mission of the Oruj Reis continued. Secured in the world.

Barbaroslar Episode 12 in the USA


Lovers of the recorded series have been watching out for this series for quite a while.

The cast of the series is declared But it is uncovered in the series, Engin Altan will assume the part of Uruj Reis and Ulas Tuna will assume the part of Hizir Reis, i.e. Khairuddin Barbarossa.

We realize that this stand-by will be a bit hard for the enthusiasts of Engin Altan however as a trade-off for this stand by the fans will actually want to see their #1 Engin Altan on the screen once more.

Barbaroslar episode 5 in Urdu

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Barbarossa Episode 12 in English

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