Kurlus Osman Episode 80(Season 3 Episode 16) with Urdu and English Subtitles

Watch Kurlus Osman Episode 80(season 3, episode 16)


Kurlus Osman Episode 80 (Season 3, Episode 16) English and Urdu Subtitles In full HD (1080) Free of cost with subtitles.

So the wait is over, kurulus Osman episode 80(season 3, episode 16) is here for which we all were waiting impatiently.

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Osman bey will be on fire with his new Season and with so many new characters.


All the episodes are here free, and you can watch all the season 3 episodes here in full HD with Urdu and English subtitles.

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After watching kurlus Osman’s episode 13, what is your reaction? What is in this tv show that you liked it too much?

Kurlus Osman, Season 2 Review

In the last episodes of the kurlus Osman season, 2 Bozdag surprised fans of Osman with two things; One is that malhun hatun got married to Osman.

And after the marriage in a very short time, Malhun hatun expected and right after two episodes, bozdag surprised fans with another happiness.

Bala Hatun is pregnant and going to have a child, so Osman bey will have a child from both wives.

Kurulus Osman, Episode 79 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 76, Before Osman goes to the castle, he talks to the merchants in Sogut and says he will compensate them no matter what. Sheikh tells Osman to stay calm and begins to wait for the solution he will find. Osman then goes to the castle and presents Feodor’s head to Rogatus. Rogatus realizes that his most loyal soldier is dead and gets very angry. Rogatus tells Osman that he will inflict the same pain. Osman warns the Lords harshly and asks them to stay away from the Turks.

When Malhun returns to the tribe, she talks about the caravan coming from Damascus. Osman thanks Malhun for the information she brought and makes a plan. Rogatus tells that Osman has received something very important from the Priest and offers Nikola to form an alliance. Kos asks Bahadir to find out why the Priest came back to Osman. Sheikh visits the Priest and gives him some medicines. The priest asks where Osman is.

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What is New in Kurlus Osman Season 3, E16?

In season 3 E 16 of kurulus Osman, many changes will occur, such as TURGUT bey will be coming back to his mood and asking Osman bey to join him in the war and plan to attack Nikola. Likewise, Osman bey will search for the killer of karayel, Osman bey life partner, and many other characters will be shown in season 3, episode 14.

While Goktug is talking to Turgut, Osman comes out of his tent. Turgut removes the cover from the cars he brought and shows the dead Catalan soldiers to Osman. Turgut says that the Turks took their revenge. Osman thanks Turgut and gives him a share of the booty. Mari and Kosses argue over Malhun’s visit. Goktug begins to envy Turgut’s success. While Aygul is washing clothes by the river, Cerkutay comes and gives her a flower.

While Gregor is talking to Andreas later, Bahadir listens to them and learns all the truth about the piece of wood. Turgut treats Mari’s wound and draws out the snake venom. Mari thanks Turgut and returns to her soldiers. Gregor says he will tell the Orthodox people in the village about Osman and sets off after a short while. While Aygul is repairing a tent, Cerkutay comes and says he wants to marry her. Aygul does not accept this offer and walks away.

Osman says that there is a market in the village and that’s why a lot of people will come. Osman continues to explain his plan and asks the Alps to kill the Byzantine soldiers one by one but silently. Later, Osman’s soldiers begin to implement this plan and secretly kill most of the soldiers in the village. A few Byzantine soldiers notice that something is wrong and start chasing Osman. Osman calmly continues to implement his plan and eliminates the small number of Byzantine soldiers in a short time.


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 Kurlus Osman, season 3, E 16

Kurlus Osman Episode 80 ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Watch Kurlus Osman Episode 80 URDU SUBTITLES


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