Top Apps Every Android User Must Use Once In Life

Top Apps you must have on your phone if you are using android Smartphone

Following are the best Top Android Apps you Should have on your phone if you are using android.



The first one is whale papers, which are so popular and available in the play store. What I found best is this app has better vector illustrations that can make any screen pop. The developer adds a new one every day so have a splurge of options to choose from, and he creates each one individually, so you won’t be able to find it anywhere else.

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$1.49 Personalization app



Latest Version :


Updated :



4.1 and up

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Look at the first official app called REMOTE FINGERPRINT UNLOCK for those who have a PC can use this app to remotely unlock your it since its use your phone fingerprint sensor

And also face unlocking if you have a device like a Google pick, so the best part is that you don’t need even root or ADB to get this working. You just have to install the window module on your computer, that link will be given and from there you only to follow the instructions to get paired up.

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Hex installer is the first customization app the way this app works is it allowed you to customize every element in system UI (For Samsung Users only) individually, so you can edit every element by changing their colors theme =various third party apps change fonts and customize other aspects of interface such as the routing the Samsung keyboard or changing the transparency of quick panel you can also download and imports different themes and plugins 


The application works with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 PCs with x86 or x64 structures. On the Android side, the application requires Android 6.0 Marshmallow or more. You’ll have to introduce a Windows Fingerprint Credential module on your Windows PC to get the application working.

You can download it here: P 

Supervisor’s pick: Use Android as Second Screen for Your Windows PC with Space desk 

Far off Fingerprint Unlock

That person created there is the whole library to choose from within the app. Or you can look them up from the play store.

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Isn’t it annoying that you share multiple large files with friends, especially through android? so we can use Firefox send, Only you have to upload them to it, and then it will provide you with a temporary link, and you can share it with your friends to download those files, well, don’t worry the files are uploaded in encrypted form so only you and your friend can see what you have uploaded, and you can share the files up to 1 gigabyte

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If you are constantly interrupted by unwanted notifications, yet you still want to allow them around in case the app gives you important in the future, you can use it day-wise to solve this issue. The app allows you to look only at important notifications instantly, and you can see the rest later when you are not busy.


App: Daywise

Version: (38)

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The split cloud allows you to play two different music at the same time, so you can share your earbuds with your friend. For example, your friend wants to listen to some pop song, but you want to listen to Sad song so have to drag those 2 songs to the bottom of the player and set one to left and the second is to right, now each one can listen to his own choice.

SplitCloud is the only streaming music player that lets you share your headphones and listen to two different songs at once!


If you ever had to share headphones with a friend or partner, this app is for you!


All the Features ✨

Multiple Playlist support – create your custom playlists


🔍 Search for any song or user profile from SoundCloud®


📂 Browse all your music organized by folders


✈️ Search and listen to all songs and albums stored in your phone


📻 Listen to thousands online radios worldwide for every genre


📈 Explore Popular and Trending Charts and discover more music


🎧 Use SplitCloud as a regular music player when you don’t need to share


🎚 Independently adjustable volumes for each player


🔀 Shuffle and repeat your songs


☁️ Save your favorite playlist to your SoundCloud account


  •  Preview any song by pressing and holding gesture


  •  Invert audio channels to invert the R / L channel output when using split mode.


  • ✔️ Browse a selection of popular playlists perfect for every mood


✔️ Get suggested tracks based on the song you are listening

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These were the Best Top android apps you must download on your phone.

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